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Robotic Process Automation at Industrial Scale

We deliver the most scalable Robotic Process Automation Enterprise

We guarantee to maximize your ROI 


Think big, start small, act fast

Start or accelerate your RPA journey with Another Monday. Our unique architecture and unrivaled pricing model will enable you to set your sights on achieving a future automated work environment of massive scale delivering a huge ROI. Another Monday's approach and pricing model however enables you to start small, realise quick results and a positive ROI and then grow.

Powering digital transformation! Conclusions from the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2018 

After the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona, it has become even clearer how automation can play a huge role in the way IT executives approach digital transformation. 

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1500 virtual employees within one organization

One of the major leading telecommunication provider managed to digitize the customer service and technical service segments with impressive success thanks to intelligent process automation and a close cooperation with Another Monday. Since 2015, the industry giant uses RPA in its technical service, complementing its employees in the customer service sector with 1,500 so-called “multi-skill front-end assistants”. The technical service impressively demonstrates how intelligent process automation simplifies the daily routine work. Around 18,000 times a day, technicians visit customers to find and repair complex network faults.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What's that?

RPA refers to software robots that can automate rule-based business processes partially or fully automatically.

How does it work?

RPA operates enterprise software just like an employee, without having to make changes to the IT infrastructure. 

Why is it important?

RPA scales quickly. Against the bottleneck in the shortage of skilled workers and for new creative freedom for employees.

The key to success – Our AM Ensemble

Another | Monday

Identification in a creative workshop

The customer identifies in collaboration with Another Monday processes within the company, that could be considered for an automation by Another Monday. Once we find a suitable process you will use our AM Recorder to map every single process step.

Another | Monday

Refining the process description with our AM Composer

Our AM Composer is the heart of our AM Ensemble. The DIY Designer in the Analyst View helps you to complete the process description and handle exception management.

Another | Monday

Automate the process

The Developer View of the AM Composer enables you to adjust the process chart when it comes to highly complex and large volume processes..

Another | Monday

Run a test with our AM Conductor

Once the process has been developed our AM Conductor activates the software robot on a testing environment to really make sure that the bot runs smoothly.

Another | Monday

Monitor and manage your processes

Once succesfully tested the software robot is ready to run. Via our AM monitor, our central control unit, the software robot can be monitored and prioritized. 

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