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For us, RPA is only useful when successfully implemented. An RPA concert only comes to life when all its parts are in perfect harmony: Get inspired by AM Muse, track your workflow and import it into AM Composer for further refinement - that's easy process building. Let AM Conductor run your software robots efficiently and always stay in control with AM Console. A concert performed by a blended workforce - with a focus on people, in cooperation with software robots!


Companies That Leverage Another Monday's Unique RPA Solution

The Most Scalable Solution in Robotic Process Automation

Our Proof - 1,500 Virtual Employees Within One Organization

One of the major leading telecommunication providers managed to digitize the customer service and technical service segments with impressive results thanks to intelligent process automation and a close cooperation with Another Monday. Since 2015, the industry giant uses RPA in its technical service, complementing its employees in the customer service with so-called “multi-skill front-end assistants”. The technical service impressively demonstrates how intelligent process automation simplifies the daily routine work. About 18,000 times a day, the technicians use the robots to find and solve complex network problems during customer visits.

Another Monday RPA solutions proof of scale
64%+ Average Cost Savings
54%+ Faster Implementation
1000000000+ Automated Transactions
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