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We are now part of Hyland!

Another Monday is now a proud part of Hyland. We take our philosophy with us and keep on standing for a different type of Monday. A better Monday, representative of every day when employees and companies wave goodbye to the monotonous and mundane tasks and instead embrace automation and allow software robots to perform the tedious work that once took the freedom and creativity away.


exciting mondays since our foundation.


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bots and the largest bot-farm within an organization.

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Why Hyland RPA?

Our strengths. Your benefits.



Throughout all phases, the focus of our enterprise software is on an optimal interplay. To capture all process information, implement less error-prone bots and maximize savings.

  • Fastest time-to-value
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Maximized savings

This is Hyland RPA

RPA you can scale

95% of businesses struggle to scale their RPA implementation. The architecture was designed to allow RPA scalability to an industrial level. For you, this looks like:

  • ..more automated tasks
  • ..in less time
  • ..with minimal bots

This is how it works
Best Price

Competitive pricing

For today’s enterprises to fully leverage the power of RPA, it needs to be accessible. We’ve done away with classic licensing, we offer unlimited user licenses and and the lowest bot-price.

  • More for less
  • Unlimited licenses
  • Personal support

our story

Who are we?

We are Hylanders

The journey of Another Monday started four years ago as RPA implementation specialists. Throughout our development, we’ve seen the issues of coding bots and scaling RPA. We’ve battled the challenges – we know the limits, and we know how to overcome them. 
Now we are a proud part of Hyland.

What do we offer?

End-to-end automation

We first began developing the now called Hyland RPA Designer because it allowed us to complete our automation process in-house. From there, we began to expand our software to immerse ourselves in the full-scale development of the Hyland RPA software suite.
Today, we’re proud to lend our knowledge, expertise, passion, and support to our clients as they utilize our end-to-end solution. Our goal is to make automation simple, easy, and affordable, to ensure that today’s businesses can better address the everyday tasks that bog down their team.
With Hyland on our side we see tremendous potential into embed PRA in their even bigger software solution. End-to-end-in-end-to-end so to say.

More about Hyland RPA

Who are we doing it for?

As easy as it gets

We believe that RPA will only reach its full potential when it can be used across the board. We make automation as easy as it gets so that everyone is able to automate everyday tasks and free themselves up for more.

How we do it?

Business automates business

From analysis to maintenance, we work with our clients every step of the way. Our goal is to place the largest emphasis on the requirements of your organization. Central administration, governance and the symbiotic coordination of software creates synergies between people, departments and software robots. We give companies the skills and tools to automate their own business on a larger scale than ever before.

Why do we do it?

Citizen developer

Our vision is to enable everyone to become a "Citizen Developer" of tomorrow. We see a future in which software robots will be trained through supervised learning. From there, the bot will begin to learn all by themselves through silent listening. Our goal is to ensure that our clients help to bring this vision to life.

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  • Management
    • Nancy Person
    • Dirk Mans
    • Manuel Winkler
    • Bastian Körber
    • Volker Krause

    Our values

    The best ideas come from an ambitious team.

    Be different! 

    RPA is complicated enough. We keep it easy. We think differently and are unconventional. We make mistakes in order to learn from them and become better. Continuous change is our driver.

    Get involved!

    We prefer to act rather than react. Fast and solution-oriented implementation. No hot air, rather real results.

    Embrace the unknown! 

    We shape the digital future! As RPA pioneers we must always look ahead and explore unknown territory. We are courageous. We take responsibility. We take on exciting tasks and do not shy away from taking risks!

    Want to join us? 

    Another Monday Team

    Where to find us

    Our locations


    Cologne | Germany

    Brüsseler Straße 89-93
    50672 Cologne
    +49 221 467 837 00


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