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About Another Monday

We create Another Monday

"Our vision is to redesign the traditional work environment to make sure people will look forward to Monday as much as they look forward to Friday.

Our goal: Empower People, Embrace Robotics"

Hans Martens

Weekly course of the average perceived happiness

What we stand for

Monday morning & only little motivation to work? There is another way! The brand name Another Monday symbolically represents a different, a better Monday: A Monday full of productive, meaningful and creative work – that is wholly free of repetitive, undemanding tasks in the ideal case. We achieve this by applying intelligent process automation in a modern, digital environment. Let us turn this social graph around, for more positive weekly emotions on Mondays! 

Picture about the origin of Another Monday.

Where we come from

We started building robots with just a few customers. We did not only start with bringing in tools, but knowledge and people – who again gained experience by concretely developing robots at the customer’s site hands-on.
These customers wanted us to implement more and more processes and robots – in different departments, industries, on different environments using differing technologies and solutions.

Always, from the beginning on, next to technological solutions for process automation, the scalability and the stability of our software robots were a big topic for us.
We got experts in building all kinds of robots – bots which work in the background, bots which serve mobile apps, bots which serve websites.
Independent from the size of the bot farm, we are now able to guarantee a stable business.

With this continuous improvement of our skills and knowledge, successive validation and proof of scale, we succeeded in building the biggest botfarm worldwide yet – with 1500 virtual employees.

Now we want to empower you, our client, our partner to do so as well. All our knowledge and expertise was incorporated into our product ensemble.
With this unique product ensemble – not serving just the building of bots but all steps of the RPA implementation – we guide you on your individual RPA journey.

Our claim in doing so: Experience enables scalability

Another Monday employee working on an RPA solution.

What we believe in

At Another Monday, we develop holistic solutions for intelligent process automation. That way, we support our customers in adapting their digital work environments and improving their work conditions – keyword: ‘New Work’. We approach things with courage and ambition. And we act with conviction.

’With everything we do, we focus on our goal: creating highly-efficient and inspiring work environments. We challenge our business partners and motivate them to rethink their business processes: How should these be designed so that every team member is motivated to contribute to creating value?’ Hans Martens, Another Monday

When automating processes, efficiency is often the main focus. We do not settle for merely that, however. Wherever possible, we also aim at improving the quality of work. As a ‘real’ RPA provider, we have a deep understanding for our customers’ needs and the industry’s requirements. We translate this knowledge into optimal solutions for intelligent process automation.

New Work

13 years of experience enables IPA at scale Automated Transactions
13+ Years of Experience
6.000+ Implemented Bots

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New Works is our driver!

We devised a set of brand attributes for Another Monday in the course of our brand development that represents our values both internally and externally. We invite all our employees, customers and partners to also identify with these values:


    Efficiency and quality in standard solutions or tailor-made complete solutions. Another Monday is different.


    Bright minds and a learning organization form the foundation for intelligent process automation. Another Monday is smart.


    Never fear challenges or innovative solutions! Another Monday is ambitious.


    Visionary ideas and in-house R&D allow the most innovative automation solutions. Another Monday is refreshing.


    The future of process automation has already begun. Another Monday thinks ahead.


    Sustainable and efficient automation solutions open up lots of new possible actions. Another Monday thinks like a partner.

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