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New Work

New Work - Digitizing the Future of Work

The ‘New Work’ concept is on everyone’s lips. While experts are still arguing over how to classify this phenomenon, the related restructuring of our professional world is already happening. As RPA specialists and experts in intelligent process automation who think of the big picture, we are not only interested in this restructuring – but play a part in designing it. The values that are connected to the ‘New Work’ concept carry critical significance for our self-image.


Employees of Another Monday working an a new work concept.

New Work – a Social Mega-Trend

New Work is a mega-trend. It describes the fundamental transformations in our professional world – representing new methods, values, organizational patterns and their respective environments. New Work has many faces and numerous definitions. However, trend researchers agree on one point: digitization and robotic technologies are the driving forces in the 'New Work' construct.

But what are we actually talking about? The overarching term ‘digitization’ describes a general transition towards digital processes using information and communication technologies.

In addition to traditional industrial robots that can already be found extensively in industrial manufacturing, robot technology also increasingly encompasses the topical area of intelligent process automation.

That is where we at Another Monday come into play. Our solutions unleash their potential especially in an area that is central to the New Work context: digital and virtual information-, service- and knowledge work. Our intelligent software robots are a typical application to reduce workload of employees in the back office.

Employee experiencing new work with the automation from Another Monday.

New Work Is More Than Just Automation: It is Transformation

New Work marks a turning point and a real paradigm shift. It prompts us to rethink some fundamental questions: how do we want to work in the future? What shape could contemporary collaboration take in an organization? Which tasks should be handled by humans and which ones by computers or robots in the future?

With the mega-trend ‘New Work’, a new chapter is added to an old story: in the course of the industrialization, manpower was always optimized whenever it could be made more productive through using machines or performing process optimization. Physically strenuous, routine and repetitive tasks were replaced by mechanical devices and new process technologies, like the assembly line and industrial robots. With the rise of computers, a development towards automation has been initiated and continues to this day. Despite all the enthusiasm for technology's benefits, one might still ask the crucial question: has the work itself improved through this development?



Process Automation: Better Work through Digital Workforce

A large number of tasks and processes remain in the back office that are routine and repetitive. For example, these include manually issuing invoices, cleansing master data files and processing invoice reminders.

Another Monday is qualified to alleviate these boring, routine, and repetitive tasks.  We have the enthusiasm and experience to help. As a solutions provider for intelligent process automation with a holistic approach, we combine the desire for meaningful, motivating and creative work with the goal of achieving increased productivity in the field of organization and process management.


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