Monday sucks?

Are you bored with your job or looking for the perfect career start?

We are another monday!

Another Monday stands for a better Monday. We are a leading provider of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), developing tailor made solutions. We are a young and technology-focused company with a start-up mentality. Our vision is to improve the work environment by eliminating repetitive & tedious tasks. Our abilities are aimed at all your strengths and weaknesses.


N°1 Be different!

We think in a unique way. We learn from our mistakes and become more efficient after each one. Our main incentive is continuous improvement.

N°2 Get involved!

We prefer acting over reacting. Our employees are enthusiastic participants in every project. This is further emphasized by our fundamentally flat organization. Different views are crucial to achieve creative solutions.

N°3 Stay curious!

We are curious. Curiosity leads to new ideas. Initially, they might sound, but to us there are neither stupid questions or ideas. Your ideas are our incentive. Every new one contributes to our success.

N°4 Explore the unknown!

We are shaping the digital future. As a pioneer in RPA, we always have to look forward and enter uncharted territory. We are brave. We take responsibilies. We tackle exciting challenges and are not afraid to take risks.

N°1 Be different!
N°2 Get involved!
N°3 Stay curious!
N°4 Explore the unknown!


Flexible work hours

Everyone’s biological clock ticks different. You decide when to start your day.

Mentoring programme

Fresh employees are never required to figure everything out on their own. An experienced mentor will accompany you during the first month to answer all your questions and to provide advice and support.

Permanent work contracts

We think in the long-term. Once we find a new employee, we want to work with him/her as long as possible. We are happy to supply performance-based payments and individual bonus arrangements.

Personal development

Be yourself! We support personal development and motivate everyone to become a better version of themselves.

Gym membership

Whether you want to hit the gym in the morning, during your lunch break or after work – we cover 50% of your membership fees.

Retirement insurance

Retirement planning might sound boring, but it’s important to think ahead. We offer an attractive retirement plan.

Public transport ticket

We work at various locations. To make sure that you can get from A to B, we reimburse all your public transport costs during work time.


Fruits in the office, a monthly pizza day and free beverages – we care for your wellbeing.

State-of-the-art equipment

We want to be agile and mobile – we provide you with state of the art smartphones and laptops.


Would you like to get a picture of the Another Monday culture? We regularly organize or take part in events to measure ourselves athletically or to prove our skills on the computer. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Let's get dirty!

Another Monday goes Tough Mudder!

You like variety? From the office desk straight into the mud hole - we are not afraid to get dirty and stick together when it is time!




Motivational letters are a thing of the past. Just apply via our online form with your resume. We are convinced that you’re motivated to work at Another Monday.


Phone call

After we had a look at your resume, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. We will get to know each other with an interview over the phone.



If we like you and you like us, we will schedule a trial day at our office. During this day you will also get familiar with our company culture.



And your journey can begin! There will only be a few days between your application and your first day of work. You are now a part of the Another Monday family!


At Another Monday, we embrace events of any kind. Take a look at some of them!

Going the extra mile


We are not just good at programming. We also take on sportive challenges and regularly prove what we are capable of!

Ready, steady, go


4 match days, 16 teams, 75kg popcorn and 400L Energy! That was the LoL Bar Clash 2018 at Meltdown Cologne!