New Forrester Wave Report released: Another Monday among the top 15 international RPA providers.

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Learn about the magic of RPA. Is it the technology itself or rather the methodology and the experience that makes RPA magical? Get answers on these questions in our blog series and find out how you can scale with RPA and a professional partner.

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Automated minutes
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Our vision

Another Monday stands for the different, the better Monday. Our vision is to create a more efficient working environment. By eliminating repetitive and tedious tasks we make employees more dynamic and increase overall productivity and motivation. Continuous improvements of our intelligent process automation (IPA) technology is the foundation of our success where we combine artificial intelligence with robotic process automation (RPA).

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is a technology for fully automated handling of rule-based business processes by software robots: reliable, scalable, and minimally invasive.


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A solution, not a tool!

Highest scalability!

Another Monday offers tailor-made, multiskilled software-robots by means of an unique methodology. As an End-2-End solution provider we assure the highest scalability rates on the market.

No cure, no pay!

Low investment risks! You first pay after a successful implementation at Another Monday. Thus, we are greatly interested in an highly qualitative, fast deployment of our software-robots. Our focus is on scalability!

Cooperative collaboration!

Another Monday accompanies you on the entire RPA-journey. From the initial process assessment workshop, over the detailed process analysis to the final go-live. A cooperative approach based on true partnership is the foundation for a successful RPA integration.

The advantages of RPA

Our daily business in an increasingly dynamic digital world demands allrounders: Employees that are capable of taking over different tasks in multiple functional areas such as HR, accounting or customer service. Our multiskilled software-robots relieve and support your teams in areas where human capacities are limited. Thus, idle time can be minimized and resources more efficiently used.

  • Percentage of automatable business processes 60%
  • Cost savings up to 80%
  • Employee motivation 100%
  • Increase in productivity up to 70%

1500 virtual employees within one organisation

Automated processes

Mio. automated minutes


Automation rate



The customer nowadays is very demanding. Having a decreasing customer loyalty towards brands, an excellent customer service can be a critical success factor. Historically grown processes and IT landscapes make it very difficult to satisfy high customer expectations in terms of service and response time. In order to create an outstanding customer experience, a corporation from within the telecommunication area has set the goal to digitize all non-contact based processes. 



To live up to these challenges, the group implemented with the aid of Another Monday multiple RPA solutions. Service robots and digital employee assistants increased the process efficiency and lead in the long run to a higher customer satisfaction.

Process automation: Are you looking for a refreshing solution?

Innovative RPA-platform

13 years of experience and our own R&D development guarantee the most innovative automation solutions. We are able to automate any process and scale in no time with our own RPA-platform.

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Unique methodology

The foundation of our RPA success is the Another Monday methodology. Our expertise covers every single step that is required to generate a tailor-made automation solution. The centrepiece is our 7-phase model.

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New Work as driver

Another Monday stands for the better Monday. We believe in the digital transformation and its potential for more efficiency. Our solutions unfold their potential for all digital and virtual information, service and knowledge work. New Work is our driver.

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