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"Use your time the best way possible"

The RPA Academy for your journey

Time is the most valuable resource of all. We from Another Monday genuinely believe that we should be able to spend our time on what matters – value-adding activities throughout life & work. By providing holistic knowledge, methods & tools for process automation, we enable people & companies to free themselves from mundane & repetitive tasks. We offer state of the art online & offline training with individual learning experiences for your automation journey.

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RPA Course Outline

Every automation journey is different. But in essence, it always consists of the same components. A vision is followed by planning and management and after that implementation by the application. Finally, the automation initiative becomes operational, and a process of continuous improvement takes place.

Where are you on your automation journey? Getting started? Facing your first challenges? Or do you want to know how to run an RPA operation? Select the phase which you are in and find the right courses to see your automation journey through!

The key to success – Our phase model

RPA | Academy

This phase is about defining a clear vision and goals to complement the implementation of an automation initiative. Learn how to integrate process automation into your digitization strategy to achieve a fast ROI.

RPA | Academy

To make your automation initiative a success, precise planning and proper management are required in order to do justice to the various stakeholders. To find the right process to start with is always a challenge (process identification)? Which vendors are best suited (vendor selection)? And what are the common pitfalls in RPA initiatives you need to avoid?

RPA | Academy

Owning an RPA tool is one thing, the successful automation of business processes is another. The key is the combination of the right methodology and the right RPA products. This is the only way to implement sustainable, scalable automation solutions with real business impact.

RPA | Academy

Sustainable automation solutions should be stable in operation, easy to maintain and ideally learn along with every adaptation. Smooth operation is often a challenge.

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