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With Another Monday we will do what it takes to make you successful and deliver you outstanding results. You will have preferential access to our knowhow, IP and market intelligence. You will be in a position of influence as we continue to chart our course and grow together!


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What We Offer as RPA Partner

  • Something new, compelling and distinguished
  • A differentiated RPA offering that changes the rules of competition
  • An offering that truly delivers scale and therefore massive ROI
  • A solution that supports long-term and large client engagements
  • Professional online and offline trainings in our RPA Academy


What We Offer as RPA Partner
What You Get as RPA Partner

What You Get as RPA Partner

Differentiate your RPA product strategy and service offering: 

  • The world’s most powerful, scalable and sustainable, industrial-strength RPA platform!
  • Powering the world’s largest BOT farms, the equivalent of 1,500 FTEs of work performing over 1.1m transactions monthly!
  • Learn from how we scaled a single client implementation to this magnitude! 
Increase Your Competitive Advantage

Increase Your Competitive Advantage

  • Our “Made in Germany” industrial-strength RPA offering raises the bar for proven scalability.
  • Help bring a game changer to market! Offer something different and face less competition in a crowded field!
  • A white label solution that drives higher scale and a higher ROI value proposition.
  • Creative pricing models including success based and pay per use utility pricing (i.e. Robot Minutes).
Increase Win Rates and Engagement Size

Increase Win Rates and Engagement Size

  • Increase sales conversion rates.
  • Deliver landmark engagements.
  • Increase brand value via association with the largest and most, successful, RPA implementations.
  • Larger projects leading to higher engagement revenues!

The Right Offer for Every RPA Partner

Sales Partner

Sells the AM Ensemble and all related services. The friend is fully responsible for the relation with the prospects and clients.

Consulting Partner

Sells and transfers all AM knowledge to the customer and implements the AM Ensemble.

Implementation Partner

Implements the AM Ensemble for RPA and will not sell the solution usually. An implementation Partner can always become a Consulting Partner.


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