Perform your own RPA Concert


AM Ensemble

Your Cognitive-End-2-End-Automation-Solution

Typical RPA software is limited to a small part of the automation process - the development and operational phase. The AM Ensemble is visionarily different.

As an innovative End-2-End solution, it accompanies you through the entire Cognitive Automation journey, from process development to maintenance. All parts of this Blended Workforce "Ensemble" are perfectly aligned to create synergies between people, departments and software robots.
That's why the AM Ensemble is the Next Level RPA Suite for us - easy to handle and applicable for everyone: fast, efficient and cost-effective. Another Monday is focused on people in collaboration with software robots!


The 4 Members of our Unique End-2-End Solution

RPA is only successful if all components are as perfectly synchronized as in the AM Ensemble. Here you can get to know the members of our successful AM Ensemble personally.

AM Muse
Process Analysis

The Visionary Process Master

Learns from you. Learns for you.

Document, describe, understand - AM Muse redefines process analysis and the status quo of RPA. With our visionary process master, you get an industry-wide unique entry into automation. The AM Muse automatically learns all cognitive components of your workflow and actively guides you through the relevant process information. No more manual, inaccurate and time-consuming click instructions. We call this Smart-Process-Tracking©. Click, write, read and decide - the intelligent and efficient documentation of AM Muse is the perfect source of inspiration for AM Composer: simply import the workflow - ready for further refinement.

48% faster
Process Analysis

...tracking of all process information.
...creation of click instructions.
...screen indication.
...process chart creation.
...process chart exportation.
(.pdf, .ppt, AM Composer file)


Intuitive Guiding - documentation of all process information done in the background.
No differences between live system and process documentation anymore. 
No manual click instructions.
Simple User Interface.


No more loss of information because everything that is needed for process understanding is tracked.
No additional experienced analyst necessary.

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AM Composer

The Intuitive Process Configurator

Process Building Made Easy.

Drag & Drop, no code, just configure - AM Composer helps you to implement process automation intuitively and easily. With the imported process documentation from AM Muse, your process chart is created automatically: simple and intuitive fine-tuning through drag & drop. The outcome of AM Composer is a process script - ready to perform your own concert through your own bot farm.

55% Faster

Process chart import from AM Muse:
Automatic creation of the process diagram. 
No manual workflow building.
Automatic identification of selector values.


Drag & Drop workflow configuration.
No code - no developer knowledge needed.
Only one activity for one action - smart application selection.
Individual development of activities.
Excellent text recognition with OCR.


Independent and parallel usage of complementary process parts.
Increased efficiency through standardization of process parts.
Change of elements centrally and with no need of access to systems.

Minimization of error-proneness:
- pop-up watcher
- clean application exit
- condition check

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The Experienced Task Manager

Maximizes Your Workforce Efficiency.

Run, utilize, scale - AM Conductor guides your musicians, the software robots, with efficient precision. Once a software robot has completed its task, it independently collects the next one from AM Conductor - this is what we call pull logic. Another special feature: AM Conductor is multiskilled. It can assign the playing of different instruments (process executions) to every musician (software robot). The AM Conductor ensures that all open tasks are executed with the best capacity utilization. You benefit from the highest efficiency by minimizing robot idle times.

Split & Pull 

Unique ability in the RPA industry to pull tasks from database.
Individual setting of pull-intervals for operation at full capacity.
Task transparency due to upstream data collection.
Direct assignment of open tasks to minimize idle-times.


Capacity Utilization

Automatic execution of tasks using data entries as trigger (not human interaction!).
Access to multiple systems (multiskilled) makes assignment of process tasks flexible and reactive distribution possible.

90% Lower
Management Effort

Only 1% of FTE savings is needed to run and manage a bot farm.
Ability to execute live changes in prioritization of tasks and queues.
Quick error detection and task based maintenance. 

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The Interactive Watchman

Your Realtime-Interface Monitors and Adjusts.

Heal, adjust, control - AM Console reduces the complexity of managing and maintaining even large bot ensembles. With the real-time interface, you can monitor and control processes from anywhere: start, stop, add, fix failures, change priorities – all with a single click. The highlight: All variables can be changed centrally and for all processes at the same time via a single central interface without having to modify individual process scripts.


Simply add, start, stop, and delay tasks, processes and clients.
Search function for easy location of tasks and processes.


Live and easy visual task & process monitoring. 
Task and process based reports (export as Excel, PDF, html etc.)

46% Reduced
Maintenance Costs

Central administration of all process scripts.
Error Screenshots for faster detection of "damaged" process parts.
Data transparency and live prioritization minimizes idle times and interception of peak loads.

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Split & Pull Process Architecture for Unique Scalability

Highest Efficiency: Fewer Bots and More Tasks in Less Time

To achieve maximum efficiency and scalability, Another Monday has developed its own visionary process architecture - the “Split & Pull” Principle. Split means that the bots can take on the role or task of Data Collector (DCO) or Processor Tasks (PRO) depending on requirements and situations. DCOs collect tasks and create transparency. PROs execute them as prioritized.
Once a task has been completed, the Pull Logic takes effect: AM Conductor draws tasks and distributes them automatically. This eliminates cost-relevant robot downtime and guarantees efficiency. Industrial Scaling perfected.

Pull Principle

The AM Conductor pulls tasks that got triggered by data (unattended) from the database and assignes them prioritized to a free bot.
Scalability at the highest level.

Split Principle

We split processes into two parts. 
Bots that operate tasks and bots that collects tasks of a specific process.
The collection of tasks creates transparency which leads to little to no idle times, ability to prioritize and full capacity utilization.

Bot Stop

If a bot fails, only the task is stopped without affecting the whole queue.