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AM Ensemble

The perfect ensemble for your RPA success.

As with Rome, the world’s largest, single customer production environment bot-farm wasn't built in a night!  A journey that Another Monday began in 2015 with the goal of breaking new ground to prove-out RPA at massive scale! After all, RPA is a volume business!

The build of a fully-automated robotic process environment where robot workers performed an equivalent volume of work of over 1,500 full-time virtual employees required the careful development and optimization of an rpa-architecture. Architecture that embodies best practices in both rpa-methodology and in rpa-tools. That defined automation best practices like the enforcement of a rigorous process mapping and process automation design approach, that captures every action for all workflow possibilities and exceptions and that enable recovery from exception based failures. Ultimately, that delivers industrial-grade performance at scale!.

What is AM-Ensemble?

The foundations of the AM Ensemble

The AM Ensemble is a complete solution. All implementation steps can be done within the RPA solution and allow you the highest level of scalability.

AM | Ensemble

Our RPA solution - the right tool for each phase

It all starts in the Feasibility phase where you clarify whether a process is eligible to be automated by RPA. If a process is suitable, you usually face the challenge of a missing or outdated process documentation. But this is exactly what you need to start your automation journey. Another Monday developed a tool which helps you to cope with that challenge. The AM Recorder allows you to map your process on a click level. You just activate the tool while conducting the process. The output is a detailed click manual with all the information you need for your automation (e.g. PPT or PDF). Additionally you can import the generated output into the AM Composer where it serves as the basis for the robot development.

In a nutshell: The AM Recorder boosts the speed and quality of your process analysis. It helps you to create a click manual and the basis for the robot development at the same time.

AM | Ensemble

AM Composer (Analyst View)

What follows is the most important stage on your automation journey. Automating the happy path of a process is not enough. Quality, stability and automation success are dependent on the conducted process analysis. Only if you have analysed all important process variants and defined a concept for exception handling, process automation becomes sustainable.

One of the current bottlenecks is acquiring the right talents for RPA. As process automation is gaining more and more traction, (RPA) developers are even more scarce then before. Another Monday realized that early on and therefore divided its RPA tool into two views: “Analyst and Developer”. The goal is quite simple: A paradigm shift in the RPA market that allows business analysts to take over 80% of robot development, even for more complex processes.

The analyst view is highly visual and easy to use. It serves the purpose of building the process logic. In the second step that logic is filled with automation information (Developer view). Wherever the business analyst does not know how to do the automation himself, he can use a place holder and continue his work. RPA experts can thus provide selective support and develop in parallel on several processes. 
The AM Composer, therefore, makes it tremendously easier for businesses to get traction on process automation despite the tough market for talents.

In a nutshell: The key to sustainable automation is the process analysis. The AM-Composer (Analyst View) is a DIY-Designer that allows your business analysts to do the processes automation via drag-and-drop.

AM | Ensemble

AM Composer (Developer View)

The AM Composer is not your average drag and drop RPA tool. We have put our tremendous experience and process design principles into the AM Composer to ensure your automation success. It is divided into a simplified Analyst View and the Developer View which gives you endless configuration options. You can even develop your own automation activities. But “developer view” does not mean you need developers for the job. Given a certain level of process understanding and enough curiosity everybody can handle the bot development as it is based on a drag and drop logic. The beauty of our solution is the efficient use of RPA experts (external or internal), as they are only used for particular difficult parts of the development. This increases the speed of automation and contributes significantly to resource allocation.

In a nutshell: The AM Composer in the Developer View allows the user to utilize the full potential of the software – from the development of custom activities to finetuning existing developments.

AM | Ensemble

AM Conductor

To ensure smooth operation of the software robots, several quality gates are required during the entire automation process. The last two quality gates are a development test (on the test environment), followed by an implementation test (on the production system).

The communication between the robots (running on hardware or virtual clients) and the database (which stores all tasks) is handled by the AM Conductor. The AM Conductor is basically a task manager installed on each client. To get the most out of your digital workforce Another Monday has decided on a pull logic. Meaning as soon as a robot has finished its task it uses the AM Conductor to ask for more work. All our robots are multi-skilled. So, every robot can work on any process you have automated so far. In this way, we ensure that your digital workforce is put to the highest efficiency at all times.

In a nutshell: The task manager ensures that all open tasks are executed by the software robots at the highest efficiency rate possible.

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AM Monitor

Great, you’ve made it! Your process is now automated and included into live operations. The most important tool after the go-live is the AM Monitor. The AM Monitor is the central control unit used for managing, watching and improving your virtual workforce. You can set alerts, prioritize, pull reports and even allocate specific tasks to a certain client. The more business processes are automated by our software robots, the more important orchestration becomes – as well as overall control regarding optimal ressource allocation. You will acquire exactly this overall picture with our AM-Monitor – a simple yet highly-effective control tool.

In a nutshell: The AM Monitor by Another Monday is an integral component of our solution that allows detailed monitoring, logging and controlling of all processes. You can start or stop processes at any time, change task priorities or create reports.

What sets the AM Ensemble apart

Breakthrough methodology

Another Monday has long been a step ahead and offers a new RPA generation: multi-skill capable virtual employees. Once ‘trained’, these can take over a large amount of tasks in all of your business units. You can deploy your digital employees wherever the order volume or work log are the largest.

Easy and quick set-up

In just a few days our lightweight infrastructure is completely set-up and the first software robots can start their work. It only consists of a database, a fileshare and the clients (virtual or physical), on which the bots are running.  

High stability "made-in-Germany"

With us you can scale – on a corporate and on the process level. We are experienced with large scale operations running up to 200 automated processes at the same with over 7.000.000 transactions per month. Our software robots run stable and are easy to maintain. Process building blocks (such as a log-in) can be easily reused and updated. This object orientated process design allows you to apply changes without having to restructure and redesign the entire process.

RPA at industrial scalability with max ROI

Our experience has shown: With a unique methodology combined with innovative technology, our AM-Ensemble promises you scalability with maximum ROI.

  • No limit to supported use cases/ processes
  • Ease and speed of deployment (time to live)
  • Increased efficiency and performance (task parallel processing)
  • Open architecture protects prior automation investments
  • Easy to manage & maintain at scale
  • Stable and sustainable
  • Success based payment
AM | Ensemble

From simple sub-processes to highly complex automation goals

Get started with the AM ensemble – either on your own or with our help with highly complex processes. Our all-round service for end-2-end process automation.

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Which third party applications can be integrated?

For more and more clients integration capacity is the pivotal criteria for investing in IT solutions. So called “island solutions” are usually not only hardly practicable – they are far more expensive in the long run.
Another Monday is your number one choice for solutions that dock onto your existing software landscape. No matter if optical character or speech recognition – our RPA solutions are compatible with all software components that are upstream of the process that is to be automated.

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Which systems can be automated?

IT landscapes consist of a large number of applications that ensure more efficiency. Our RPA components develop their full potential wherever these applications reach their limits regarding process automation. Hence they are a valuable, flexible and manageable addition. Nearly every software-supported process can be automated with our RPA solution.

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Only pay for success

No matter if SME or global corporation – Thanks to flexible pricing models and pay-per-use billing, our RPA solutions are suitable for companies of all sizes.

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AM | Ensemble

Think big, start small, act fast!

  1. Start quick: No admin rights
  2. Solution fo the business: Keep it simple (less IT)
  3. Be flexible: Module based development
  4. No limits: Reinvent youreself permanently
  5. Less Maintenance: Use artefacts
  6. Cost efficient: Maximum workload for machines

How to start your RPA-Journey

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