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AM Ensemble - Strong Alone, Unbeatable Together.

When it comes to RPA technology, we’re firm believers that it needs to be a holistic solution integrated all throughout your organization for it to be most effective. That is why we offer AM Ensemble, a comprehensive RPA suite that today’s enterprises need to leverage the full benefits of RPA technology. A package that covers all phases of automation - from process analysis to bot management. With a fast, smooth, and simple implementation, you can quickly begin to reap the benefits of our End-to-End RPA approach.



For us, automation begins with the right type of process analysis. Use AM Muse to better understand your own processes. From there, share your process logically and easily with fast documentation of processes at the click level. Export all of your technical elements quickly to create pre-defined workflows and fast bot development.

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Quick and easy bot building via drag & drop.
With AM Composer, you can edit all of your documented processes from AM Muse or create brand new automations in an instant.
Focus: Error-free and precise process scripts, efficient software robots.

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Perform automations. Perfect for unattended or attended automations, our software bots work hand in hand to handle more processes simultaneously with less hang ups.
Focus: Scaling through maximum utilization of the bot farm. 


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AM Console is your premiere management solution designed to help you orchestrate your software robots with ease. Use the real-time dashboard for live monitoring and intuitive management of your automations.
Focus: Heal, control, manage. Low maintenance effort.


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Why AM Ensemble?

9,5 Irresistible Reasons 

The RPA market is expanding simply because RPA technology is too beneficial to ignore. The provider landscape gets wider and the comparability is becoming more and more confusing. Here are 9,5 irresistible reasons for why your search is over now . 0,5: Made in Germany.


1. End-to-End

The cornerstone of all strengths is a holistic approach that covers all of your RPA needs across all levels.


2. Same for Less

With affordable pricing, you can focus on the support and success of your RPA project from start to finish.


3. Scalability

Say goodbye to bot downtime. AM Ensemble paves the way for maximum utilization through proactive bot properties. It's time to grow your operation.


4. Easy to Use

Drag & drop, intuitive guiding, and automatic storage of technical information is virtually thoughtless.


5. Fast ROI

AM Ensemble is easy to handle and highly effective in providing error-free bot building. Accelerate the time to value!


6. Efficient

Reduce your maintenance drastically with reusable and centralized management of process parts.


7. Compatibility

AM Ensemble supports a seamless integration between products, making it easier to keep all of your ducks in a row.


8. Intelligent

Intelligent components for efficient hyperautomation. Featuring best in class intelligent object identification, smart tracking of cognitive decisions, self-healing, neural network use, and so much more.


9. Award Winning

AM Ensemble has won a number of awards from leading analyst firms for its comprehensive end to end solution.