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We know that effective Robotic Process Automation (RPA) needs to be an all-in-one solution, integrated fully throughout your organization. That’s why we created an ensemble of software tools: a comprehensive RPA suite with everything a modern enterprise needs to reach the full potential of RPA technology. Hyland RPA  is a package that covers all phases of automation, from process analysis all the way through to bot management. With a fast, smooth and streamlined process, you’ll reap the rewards of our End-to-End RPA approach, fast.



For us, flawless automation starts with fast, accurate and intuitive process analysis. Use the Hyland RPA Analyst to better understand your organization's processes by documenting them intuitively at click level. From there, share or export the process logic and technical values to create pre-defined workflows for fast bot development.

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Quick and easy bot building using drag and drop. With the Hyland RPA Designer, you can edit all documented processes from the Hyland RPA Analyst and create brand new automations in an instant.
Focus: Design powerful, precise process scripts, as well as efficient and error-free software bots.

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This is the Hyland RPA Designer


Perform automations. Perfect for unattended or attended automations, our software bots work hand in hand to handle more processes simultaneously with less hang ups.
Focus: Enjoy maximum productivity and exceptional efficiency, focused on scaling up through maximum utilization of your bot farm.


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The Hyland RPA Manager is your premiere management solution designed to help you orchestrate your software robots with ease. Use the real-time dashboard for live monitoring and intuitive management of your automations.
Focus: Heal, control, manage. The Manager helps you to repair and regulate bots with minimal effort.


This is the Hyland RPA Manager

RPA in harmony

Why Hyland RPA?

9,5 irresistible reasons why

The RPA market is expanding simply because RPA technology is too beneficial to ignore. With more providers, it’s getting harder to compare and find the best fit. Here’s 9.5 reasons why your search is over, starting with 0.5: Made in Germany


1. End-to-end

Crucial to developing all strong growth, we offer a holistic view of RPA at an enterprise level.


2. Unlimited user

No classic license fees. Unlimited users. Low bot-costs.


3. Scalability

No more bot downtime – Hyland RPA paves the way for maximum utilization with proactive bot properties. Scale up your organization with ease.


4. Easy to use

Experience user-focused design, intuitive guidance, automatic storage of technical information, drag and drop software, low code and user-friendly interfaces.


5. Fast ROI

Accessible interfaces and error-free bot building mean faster implementation for your teams.


6. Efficient

Reusable elements, reduced susceptibility to errors and centralized process management make maintenance simpler than ever.


7. Compatibility

Seamless integration across the Hyland RPA applications allows them to work together perfectly.


8. Intelligence

Intelligent components for exceptionally efficient automation, first-class intelligent object identification, smart tracking of cognitive decisions, self-repair, neural network use, and so much more.


9. Award-winning

Recognized for its comprehensive end to end capabilities by leading analysts, the software suite is an award-winning solution for RPA needs.