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RPA Integration: What 3rd Party Tools Can Be integrated?

With Another Monday, you are choosing solutions that dock on to the existing software environment. Whether optical character or speech recognition – our RPA solutions are compatible with all software components that are upstream from the process to be automated.

OCR software as a RPA component.

Integration of OCR Software

The integration solution set by Another Monday sets itself apart in one critical point: all of our RPA modules can be seamlessly linked to existing software components upstream of the process to be automated. Frequently, this is software from the text and photo recognition field – known under the abbreviation OCR (Optical Character Recognition). OCR Software is used to make text or image files digitally readable and to prepare the contained data for further processing. This is a basic precondition for the application of software robots.

Speech recognition as RPA component.

Integration of Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software can be effortlessly integrated into intelligent process automation as an upstream component, too. As a component of automation solutions, speech recognition will play an important role in the future and Another Monday is there. When thoughtfully used in data collection and data preparations, speech recognition software can make numerous manual processes obsolete. This data can then be easily integrated into the automated business processes.

RPA component data classifications.

Integration of Data Classifications: Sorting, Classifying, Organizing

Companyies are faced with the task of deciding what data needs to be retained and for how long in order to comply with record retention policies. Data classification programs are used to optimally organize existing data. These are sorted and classified according to company-specific criteria, such as the level of confidentiality or length of retention. By doing so, general company data can be made freely accessible to the public, while other data remain reserved to certain departments and persons. Data classification software can also be integrated without any problems in the automation solution of Another Monday.

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