We Can Automate Any Software with RPA

IT landscapes consist of a large number of applications that ensure more efficiency: ranging from ERP systems as the lifeline of any modern company up to a specific web application for web and desktop automation. Our RPA components develop their full potential wherever these applications reach their limits regarding process automation. Thus, they are valuable, flexible and manageable through full automation with RPA.

Automatable Systems

All Systems, All Applications – No Limits on Automation with RPA

RPA solutions from Another Monday are clever because they can interact with all applications – no matter if AS400, ERP-Systems (for example those of SAP), Office programs, web applications or own developments. We developed our own backlink to the methodology that allows our RPA solutions to operate all applications using the existing user interface. For you this means: You can save the effort of a backend integration or changing the existing applications and platforms. Because your existing IT landscape remains exactly the way it is – still the integration of RPA software robots permits even more efficient work.


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How Does RPA System Automation Work?

The robots from Another Monday interact on 4 levels with the underlying applications.

Levels 1 to 3 are technical interfaces and preferred due to their robustness.
Technical and API interfaces are usually dependent on suppliers.


How Does the Interaction of RPA with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-Systems Work?

ERP systems are true allrounders in companies. As the “most potent” IT systems they reach almost all business areas and interlink these. The investment volume needed for ERP systems is equally potent. Disproportionate increases in efficiency are often promised but seldomly realized to their full extent. And, since a high number of manual, standardized tasks remain after implementation, RPA solutions are a useful addition to ERP systems.
Another Monday develops just these kinds of RPA and IPA solutions that not only help you save time but increase data quality, compliance and cut costs in any ERP system. No matter whether these are SAP, Oracle, Infor, Sage or Microsoft systems – fully integrated into the system landscape of your ERP system, all essential aspects such as availability, security, data management and control are considered by Another Monday robots in RPA automation.

What’s best about it: Since you don’t need any interface connections, you can quickly, simply and cheaply balance the strain on productiveness of the ERP system by RPA automation and continuously improve them too.


Automation of SAP – Another Monday Guarantees 100% Compatibility

With a market share of 23% worldwide (as at 2016), SAP is the leading provider of ERP systems. It’s no wonder, since they offer a wide range of software solutions to optimize business processing in important operational areas, such as finance and accounting. But even SAP application modules have certain limitations: They can merely optimize processes and not or only partially automate these.

Our software robots are an ideal supplement: compatible with all conventional SAP modules, they can be used to automate manual processes in the SAP system environment without any problems. Just like real team players. In the shortest amount of time, robots from Another Monday allow for freedom from error, time and cost savings as well as compliance and security improvements – and all of this without great effort or the typical time loss.


Web and Desktop Automation – Citrix and Mainframe

The field of web automation offers a wide range of tasks and applications. The information density in these systems requires a high amount of subsequent work for the repetitive and time-consuming processes. This is where RPA solutions from Another Monday come into play.

Here are some common RPA-enabled business processes that are fully automated on web-based system environments:

- Completing forms
- Data extraction
- Data transfer between different applications
- Generating reports

The desktop automation is carried out by a software robot that is locally installed on the user’s desktop computer. One manual order or a predetermined schedule is enough to make the robot conduct automated tasks – for example automating office applications.
Of course, other applications such as Citrix or Mainframe can also be used as a platform to apply RPA solutions without problems.
It’s as simple as that: Software robots by Another Monday can be used with all common applications – the easiest and quickest way of efficiency improvement. 


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