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RPA scalability as a service: meet Another Monday

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RPA Scalability as a Service Whitepaper

Start your digital RPA transformation at scale!

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) refers to software robots that can automate rule-based business processes partially or fully automatically.

RPA is a huge enabler of digital transformation, but the single biggest issue enterprises cite as a barrier to achieving success with automation is scale!

That's what makes Another Monday different!
We are Another Monday: Your RPA provider at industrial scale. Get to know more about your start with RPA and download your whitepaper.

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We Create Another Monday

Our vision is to redesign the traditional work environment to make sure people will look forward to Monday as much as they look forward to Friday.

Another Monday symbolically represents a different, a better Monday:
A Monday full of productive, meaningful and creative work – that is wholly free of repetitive, undemanding tasks.

Our goal: Empower People, Embrace Robotics

We achieve this by applying intelligent process automation in a modern, digital environment. 

Success Story: 1,500 Virtual Employees Within One Organization

One of the major telecommunication providers managed to digitize thecustomer and technical service segments with impressive results thanks to intelligent process automation and a close cooperation with Another Monday. Since 2015, the industry giant uses RPA in its technical service, complementing its employees in the customer service with 1,500 “multi-skill front-end assistants” is equal to 1,500 full time employees. Automated Transactions
6000+ Implemented Bots
1800+ Biggest single Bot-Farm Worldwide
RPA provider for the support of your RPA journey.

Only With Us You Reach the Full Potential of RPA at Industrial Scale.

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Another Monday: RPA scalabiity as a service