RPA in Human Resources

The HR department plays an important role in terms of process management. But it needs to have authority and be widely accepted by the workforce. Therefor HR processes need to be clearly structured and standardized. There are numerous processes that can be made more efficient and transparent through RPA in personnel management. These include the recruitment, support and development of staff.

HR Management: Automating Staff Processes with RPA

RPA helps to make HR tasks more efficient. Ongoing personnel operations are especially suitable for RPA.

  • Administering work and absent times
  • Payroll
  • Deducting income and payroll taxes
  • Updating statutory reports and processing terminated staff


HR Management: Automating Staff Processes with RPA


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Processing Employee Requests – Work Time Changes and Transfers

A major part of daily HR processes consists of typical administrative tasks. Despite advanced digitization, the bulk of HR work is still done manually – only with digital media. Employee requests are viewed and filed, documents are uploaded and employees are notified. Another Monday can provide partial or complete automation solutions of employee requests and storing of documents (reg. personal file). With our RPA solutions, requests for part-time status, time off, parental leave, transfers etc. can  now be processed automatically. The virtual employee checks whether all approval conditions for the request are met. The request is then approved or rejected accordingly by human supervision.

Research Tasks Using Research Bots

Our research bot relieves you of performing manual research tasks. These solutions are especially suited whenever information from different sources or multiple systems needs to be consolidated and prepared - classic swivel chair tasks.. For example, with our RPA solutions, you simply enter an order or employee number into the web interface and a virtual employee scans all relevant systems, prepares the information and presents the results in the desired form. In that manner, enquiries about application statuses can be significantly reduced – both internally in HR matters as well as externally in Customer Service.

More RPA Use Cases in HR

  • Candidate Screening

    RPA helps companies to automate the aggregation of CVs, evaluation results and interview notes. Furthermore, candidates from various professional social networks (LinkedIn, Xing) can also be filtered according to specific search criteria.

  • Onboarding Process

    Onboarding new employees can be complex often requiring coordination with IT, security, and facility management. This can be a huge burden especially for small and fast growing companies. Software bots from Another Monday can automate these onboarding tasks including ensuring the new employee gets the right lap-top, cell phone, system access, and physical access – ready for the first day of work.

  • Payroll Automation

    Payroll functions require repetitive processing of employee work data; taking into myriad regulations and company rules to produce an error-free compensation file. While purchasing modern payroll software provides a rather expensive solution for this process, many companies still rely too much on legacy systems either because of cost or because of switching risk. In this case, you can rely on our bots to increase accuracy via automation in the payroll management process.

  • Expense Management

    Our bots can be programmed to automatically extract relevant fields from receipts like amount, type of expense, and date of expense. Using our OCR-capable RPA solution employees won’t waste time with managing and reporting expenses Also carrying around receipts is unnecessary when you can simply take a picture of your receipt!

  • Virtual HR Assistant

    Employees have questions. Questions about their benefits. Questions about their payroll. And Questions about the company. Why not put our bots to work to help answer these frequent employee queries. Our chatbot authenticates employees and serves all their HR related needs. Then, HR department can focus on more value-adding activities. Our bots can also be tasked with processing sick-time, vacation requests, and schedule changes. They can assist with more complex tasks like questions about a contractor or work requirements and conditions. A virtual employee for all repetitive work.


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