Our RPA Solutions and Use Cases

RPA significantly increases the productivity and safety in all sectors and all functional areas. Countless projects prove that Another Monday’s RPA solutions can be applied universally. Our software robots are virtual employees that take over monotonous and time-consuming activities and thus pave the way for optimal value creation. With savings of up to 80% on top.

Another Monday Process Automation Solutions: From Customer Service to Human Resources

Let’s face the facts: There are countless automatable processes in every company and every functional area. Especially customer and service-oriented areas are well suited for RPA like Customer Service and Technical Support as well as the functional areas of Finance & Accounting and Human Resources.
Other areas such as Purchasing and Logistics are also potential candidates for RPA applications. Benefit expectations regarding cost reduction, quality improvement, and improved compliance are met regardless of the respective application area in the organization. That is our commitment to you.

Automation Solutions

With the Help of the AM Ensemble, We Have Developed Numerous Intelligent RPA Solutions That Are Already in Use by Our Customers

RPA End-2-End-Bot

Another Monday’s end-to-end automation solutions can be called robotic process automation (RPA) at the highest level – and justifiably so. Rule-based business processes are automated cross-application - from collecting tasks up to task distribution and processing. In doing so, these automation solutions are scalable as required, work independently in the background and meet the highest safety requirements.

End-2-End-Bot in Finance

Personal Interactive Assistant - PIA

Standard RPA solutions are based on fixed rules. Variations can only be processed, if these were defined beforehand. This can become tricky with variations that you did not include during the modelling, intentionally or unintentionally,
Our solution: PIA, which is based on machine learning. Efficient and fast - this virtual employee from Another Monday is capable of asking your staff for help and learn new rules based on their replies. Here’s how it works: Once an unknown variant is discovered, the software robot asks one of your staff members in a chat window how to proceed in this specific case. If a general rule can be derived from this, it will be transferred into the modelling of the processes via our in-house rule engine. This way, a manual intervention is not necessary and unfamiliar variants can be automatically integrated into the ongoing process with little effort. The saying is also valid for robots: you live, you learn.

PIA in Customer Service

RPA Research Bots

Research tasks are time-consuming and hard work. Over and over again, information needs to be compiled from different systems. For these cases, Another Monday developed a Live Tracking solution that only takes a single request per order to get to the finish. Because robots scan all relevant systems in the background and then interpret and present these in your desired form. Whether by email, web interface or pop-up of our Robo-Chat – when and where you would like to receive the results of the research is completely up to you.

Research Bots in HR

RPA Mobile Bots

Intelligent RPA solutions from Another Monday act as a catalyst that simplifies and accelerates the integration process. Our bots that are also designed for mobile devices provide a specially developed system for communication between mobile devices and RPA robots in internal company networks ensures high security standards.

Mobile Bots in the Customer Service


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