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Reshaping Processes in the USA at an Industrial Scale

Delivering the most scalable Robotic Process Automation solution


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Launching in the USA

Another Monday America is open for business!

In a landmark agreement with IT Capital, LLC and in order to better serve its customers in an expanding global market, Another Monday has extended its capabilities and resourcing in the USA with a industry focused investment.

“Another Monday Communication Americas distribution network and industry experience will dramatically increase our market penetration and the scale of our customer success”, said Hans Martens, CEO and Founder of Another Monday.

Another Monday Communication Americas will be able to provide several new services and areas of expertise with a specific focus on telecommunications initially.


One million good reasons for RPA
Now the largest bot farm in the world is reshaping telecommunications in the USA





Best Practice Digital Transformation Methodology


Product Leadership 
Speedy time to market is essential for companies to capture market-share. Many old, legacy systems create serious problems for companies that must move fast to compete in an ever-changing competitive landscape. RPA allows you to use new technology and skip legacy problems without risky and costly system conversions. You speed past all competitors in your race to market.

Customer Intimacy
In ultra-competitive markets, fast service is a given.  It’s required for any channel and at any time. Additionally, clients expect you to know them, their services, and their importance to you.  RPA helps you to be more customer centric: our bots can scour all of your legacy systems and processes and present a unified customer profile to your agents and sales personnel.  All without significant IT resources.

Operational Excellence
We understand that controlling costs is paramount. Yet, intelligently cutting cost is difficult.  Contending with legacy systems and process work-arounds thwart your ability to make the needed changes that can result in major cost savings.  RPA enables you to achieve operational excellence fast by automating and streamlining your operations while still using your legacy systems.  Automate them with the largest bot farm in the world.

Employee Satisfaction
High-tech programmers and analyst labor is precious. The next generation of skilled workers play by different rules:  they work where and how they want.  Most importantly, work must be fun.  RPA helps you to automate the mundane, the routine, and the boring tasks; freeing your work-force to drive more creative and valuable work while driving down worker turn-over.  Your employees will thank you for that!

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